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RTG Web Designs - 2009 Editing Rate Sheet

Simple change of text on one page of the current site Free once a month
Additional changes of text on any page of the website $30 per page
Add or modify email account properties $60 per address
Add (and link) a new page of text to the current website $60 per page
Import, modify, and add/change a picture to the current site $60 per picture
Page Click or Visitor Hit Counters with weekly email summary $120 per site
Add "canned" legal forms, e.g., Privacy Policy or Terms of Use $70 per legal form
New active online form (with emailing of results) $120 per form
Arrange in the changing of the hosting company (plus hosting fee) $240 each domain
Modify the navigational structure of the current website $180 per site
Change the entire theme, template, or layout $499 per site

For design changes not listed above, a labor rate of $60 per hour applies. Written estimates will be provided upon request.  The following are some estimates for the more advanced add-ons such as Google advertising options and Paypal shopping features:
Add Google Adsense campaigns.
See Google Adsense for more info.
$240 setup fee
Arrange Google Adword Advertising.
See Google Adwords Marketing Campaigns for more info. 
$480 setup fee
(excludes CPC)
Add Google Search Capabilities.
See Google Web Search Capabilities
$120 setup fee 
Add or Modify a PayPal "Buy Now Button"
See PayPal Buy Buttons for more information
$60 per button
Add a PayPal "Shopping Cart" and "Checkout" Options
See PayPal Shopping Carts for more information
$240 per site