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Frequently asked questions

How do I contact you with questions?

  • You may contact RTG Web Designs via email, the included Contact Us form located in this website, or call (925) 787-3200 and ask for Bob. 

I am very interested in having a website designed.  What next?

I am not certain if the Domain address I have in mind is available?

  • We can check for you, or go to Domain Registry and you may check availability yourself right now!

What is the typical turnaround time for the design of my website?

  • Normally 2-3 weeks.  First, you must decide on the general artistic flair of your website (by choosing a design from our Design Catalog) and supply us with the necessary content that you would like to have on your website.

Can you include my Company Logo into the website?

  • If you have the artwork available and it is compatible with the template you choose, we will be more than happy to include it into the design of your website at no additional cost!  The $499 price includes the rendering of 5 digital images.

How do I make changes to the website?

  • Any minor changes to the website will be free the first 30 days.  This gives you ample time to review your site for any changes that you may have overlooked originally, or just do not agree with.  After the first 30 days,  RTG Web Designs can change it for a nominal fee.  To get a better grasp on our very affordable Editing Rates, click here!  You will be given all the necessary documentation and source code to truly own your site so that you are not obligated in any way to one Web Designer or company.

Can I put my own images in the text area of the page?

  • Absolutely!  If you have a few images that you think would add value to your site, we will be more than happy to implement them at no addition charge.   For artistic continuity, you should keep in mind the general appearance of your selected Web design . The $499 price includes the rendering of 5 digital images!

What is a Web Hosting Company?

  • In simply terms, it is a company that has high performance computers connected to the Internet.  You simply "rent" a small portion of one of these computers so that you can publish your website on these computers so that it can be accessed on the World Wide Web!  If you  currently do not have an appropriate account with a hosting company, we can set up your Web hosting account and handle all of the technical details so you do not have to worry about it whatsoever.  You will be billed directly by the hosting company after the first year - we can bill the initial year at a cost of $99 which includes setup and all fees.

What are Privacy Policies,  Terms of Use, and other legal documents about?

  • These are documents, some of which are mandated by law, that stipulate how your company handles client information.   We make available to our customers "canned" legal forms that we purchase and publish at an additional cost of $49 each, or we can publish information that you supply to us on any of these topics.  Please consult an attorney should you have any questions.   Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use as an example of our implementation of such "canned" forms.

How do I pay?

  • For security and convenience, we use PayPal for all invoicing.  You will be sent an invoice via email after you have reviewed and approved our design of your website.  Once payment is verified, your website will be moved to your registered domain name!  It's that simple!  If you are not currently a PayPal subscriber, it only takes a few minutes to sign up, and it is FREE!

I am not very familiar with PayPal, or any other type of online payment system, and have some concerns about fraud.  What do you suggest?

  • This is a very valid concern and the mere fact that you are concerned about it is fantastic -- it means your guard is up.  We suggest you keep that guard up at all times, and take a little time to further educate yourself on some of the "phishing" techniques used by thieves trying to take advantage of you.  At a minimum, please take a look at the following three websites for some valuable information as well as an online test to check yourself on your ability to differentiate between valid websites and fraudulent websites. 
  1. http://www.wordspy.com/words/phishing.asp
  2. http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/conline/pubs/alerts/phishingalrt.htm
  3. http://survey.mailfrontier.com/survey/quiztest.html

Still have questions?

  • Please Contact Us and your question will be answered promptly!