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Suggestions on navigational links for your site!

  • Home
Welcome page and brief introduction!
  • Biography
Biography of certain key employees, ideally with photo!
  • Contact Us
General information such as phone numbers, emails, etc...
  • Course Descriptions
Information describing courses your company provides.
  • Course Fees
Fee's your company may charge for courses.
  • Course Schedule
Publish information on course schedules.
  • Directions
Include directions and an interactive map to your facility!
  • Disclaimers
Disclaimers as applied to your products and/or services.
  • FAQ's
Frequently asked questions thereby saving staff time.
  • Forms
Include forms that your office commonly use.
  • Instructor Profiles
Provide a brief bio on instructors in your company, with pictures!
  • Interesting Links
Additional links to other pertinent websites.
  • Privacy Policy
Company policy regarding information collected from visitors.
  • Meet the staff
Information on you and/or your employees, with a group picture!
  • Newsletter
Information that you can provide to keep clients informed.
  • Office Policies
Specific guidelines that you may want to post.
  • Patient Education
Information that patients may find valuable.
  • PayPal
Have visitors sign up for PayPal so you can obtain funds instantly!
  • Pricing
Pricing of various products or services offered.
  • Questionnaire
Online forms with the results directly sent to your email.
  • RMA's
Have RMA forms filled out by customers online.
  • Search
Allow your viewer to search your entire site for keywords.
  • Services
Services that your company has to offer.
  • Site Map
Overall map of all pages of the website.
  • Terms of Use
Legal Terms of Use regarding visitors at your website.
  • Testimonials
What your clients have to say.