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Design Questionnaire

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Use the questionnaire below to get an idea of some of the questions that we will need answered. Should any of the questions seem to technical, please do not worry about it; that is what we are here for. When you are ready please call us to discuss your needs.

Contact Information:


Your name:  
Your email address:  
Your phone number:  
Your title:  


Company Information:

Company Name:  
Company Slogan, if applicable:  
Company Address:  
City, State, and Zip:  
Company Phone:  
Company FAX:  
Please give a brief description of the nature of your business, and your products and services:  
Who is your target audience?  For example: Students, researchers, patients, general public, customers, etc...  


General Web Design Information:

1)  Which design have you chosen from our Design Catalog as the starting point for your website?  If you have not done so yet, please do so before continuing.
2)  Do you have a company logo that you wish to have incorporated into the design?
 yes  no  not sure
3)  Do you digital pictures that you would like to have incorporated into the design?
 yes  no  not sure
4)  Below is a list of common goals often associated with the design of a professional website.  After you have given your goals some thought, select all that apply from the list below; and describe any additional goals that are not listed:
Produce new leads that are likely to bring in new customers
Sell products via an on-line store
Improve customer service and relations
Create email list and addresses specific to my company domain
Provide detailed information on our products or services
Answer frequently asked questions (FAQ's)
Provide testimonials form current customers
Keep customers current on changing information
Company branding; improved professional presence
Reduce overhead via savings in postage and printing tasks
Share photos specific to the company
Educate people about your company, services, and/or products
Provide articles to your visitors
Provide directions and maps to your company location
Provide useful links to other websites
5)  If you currently have a valid registered domain name (e.g., yourcompany.com) that you wish to use, please provide us with that address (URL): 
6)  If you do not have a valid registered domain name, please provide us with the address that you’re interested in obtaining (e.g., yourcompany.com):
7)  If you currently have a Web hosting account, please supply the Web address of your provider so that we can verify compatibility issues between different providers:
8)  Would you like us to set up a Web Hosting Account  for only $10/month paid annually?
yes  no  not sure
9)  What are the names of the navigational links (titles that will lead to individual subpages from your home page) that you would like implemented on your website? If you are unsure, we recommend viewing various websites with this task in mind. Click here for some suggestions!  (Use the "BACK" key on your browser to return to this form exactly where you left off).  We will also make suggestions during the design process if you wish.  You may request up to 10 different links (pages) at the $499 design price!
10)  How often do you anticipate mandatory changes to your website?
11)  Do you want a site that is fully E-Commerce capable? In other words, are you interested in an on-line store?
 yes  no
12)  Are you interested in email boxes (and email forwarding, if desired) with your domain name, e.g., johndoe@yourcompany.com?
 yes  no  not sure

13) Which best describes your situation:
14)  Are you interested in paid advertising of your website on the various search engines, e.g., Google or Yahoo?  Costs vary according to search engine(s) selected, key search terms, business type, click through ratios, impressions, etc...
yes  no  not sure
15)  Comments, notes, questions....